New Age fools and their money are easily parted.....

LEVIN'S BIG BRAIN DRAIN (Excerpts) FEAR not. Gerald Levin and his new wife, Laurie Perlman, could be bringing their new age Moonview Sanctuary to New York. At least that's the word from W magazine, which just named Levin to the magazine's Hollywood A list for the super secret new age center for the fabulously wealthy that he and Perlman started in Santa Monica two years ago.

Of course, there are many people at the struggling Time Warner that he left behind who could use all the aura-massaging help one could muster - even if they couldn't come close to affording the price of admission. Levin quit as chairman and CEO of Time Warner in December 2001, an admittedly burned out executive who was still mourning the murder of his son Jonathan in 1997, regretting the merger of Time Warner with AOL - widely seen as perhaps the worst merger in corporate history - and dealing with the aftershocks of the 9/11 attacks.

In the article, Levin and Laurie give a rare inside view of Moonview, where for an annual fee of $175,000, they give celebrities, corporate honchos and other high rollers a huge helping of their new age healing - everything from shamanism, acupuncture, yoga and hypnotherapy sessions to brain painting, which uses the brain's electric signals to create designs on a computer screen. Three medical doctors are on staff and 80 new age practitioners are on call. (Kelly, New York Post, January 3, 2007)

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