Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain
America and the United Kingdom have already given up large measures of national sovereignty and this book reveals how close we are to the end of the nation state - Brexit notwithstanding! (That's if it ever happens.) The satanically-inspired one world church will encompass elements from all main religions and will be led by The False Prophet, right hand man to the coming Antichrist. We show that although the world will soon be in chaos due to a financial meltdown unlike anything before, which leads to the coming of the world leader, the root cause of our trouble is a spiritual vacuum -caused by a lack of good, Bible-based preaching. This is a book packed with information and Bible-based wisdom. We just found a last box of 48 copies tucked away in our garage so are putting it back on sale while these stocks last. The price includes postage and packing. Add another £3/$5 for postage for orders outside of the USA and UK.
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Behold, I am coming quickly! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book.
Revelation 22:7

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